Exceptional Visit in Expo Arena

Last Friday, representatives of several countries from all over the world visited Expo Arena Mazury. The visit was held under the “Warmia and Mazury Pro-Invest 2015” programme, and it was a part of the region’s promotion as an investment-friendly location.

Several representatives of countries from Europe, Asia and North America visited Expo Arena on 7 August during the study visit entitled “Business Explorers”. The visit was aimed at promoting the investment and business advantages of Warmia and Mazury and reinforcing the image of the region. Expo Arena Mazury was the ultimate destination of the visit not only as a model example of investment development in the Warmia and Mazury region, but also as a place of vast potential in terms of establishing successful business contacts.  Mariusz Dziuda, an Expo Arena Board Member and Maksymilian Murawski, the Development Manger took part in the meeting.  

The visitors were shown around the facility and had a chance to see its infrastructure and technical capabilities. The object of the visit was an opportunity to establish international cooperation in relation to the Expo Arena Mazury events schedule, in particular the Asia Trade Know-How fair in the autumn. The following persons representing the regional authorities participated in the meeting: the staroste of Ostróda, Andrzej Wiczkowski, the head of the rural commune of the Ostróda Municipality, Bogusław Fijas and the deputy mayor of Ostróda, Norbert Gesek. One of the attractions of the visit was the presentation of a unique model showing the operation of the Ostród–Elbląd canal, the only operative installation of its type worldwide, which evoked real interest among the visitors. The “Warmia and Mazury Pro-Invest 2015” campaign is of an informational and promotional nature and is held by the local authorities of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodeship.



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