2019-08-06 14:50
Dziki Kieł - Second Life of Antlers are small works of art created from discharges, so having their products you can feel almost like a hunter in an ancient forest. In its portfolio, the company has many custom products, among others hunting canes, crosses or handles. You will be able to see the entire company's offer during the Hubertus Arena 2019 - hunting fair
2017-01-04 15:48
2015-10-15 14:38
Last Friday, representatives of several countries from all over the world visited Expo Arena Mazury. The visit was held under the “Warmia and Mazury Pro-Invest 2015” programme, and it was a part of the region’s promotion as an investment-friendly location. Several representatives of countries from Europe, Asia and North America visited Expo Arena on 7 August during the study...
2015-10-15 14:29
EXPO ARENA - Exhibition and Conference in Ostróda is set to organize even the most challenging events.   The second stage of the expansion of Expo Arena within the project Arena Ostróda Exhibition and Conference Centre of Warmia and Mazury, co-financed with the EU funds, has been completed. Expo Arena is now officially the largest exhibition and conference centre in the north...
2013-03-08 14:34
The Expo Arena, the Fair and Conference Centre for Warmia and Mazury, is one of Poland's most modern exhibition facilities where, at twenty thousand square metres, trade meetings take place at the world level.   The surface area of the complex is almost 58,000 sq. m whereas the conference area with its 2000 sq. m offers nearly unlimited arrangement options. 6 technically...